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My work ethic is based on making meaningful connections with people so that I can tell your story in the best way possible.  I’d like to start up a dialogue with you and find out a little more about your wedding before it’s all confirmed – you don’t need to worry about committing to anything before you’re ready.

I believe in quality over quantity. In 15 years of photographing weddings I’ve gained a lot of experience, and captured a lot of weddings. Enough to know what I’m doing, but more importantly, enough to know why I’m there, and what a wedding is really all about at it’s core. If anyone’s telling you that they’ve shot a bazillion weddings, though, you’ve got to ask yourself what that actually means to the connections one can make and the conveyor belt nature of that kind of photography.

To make sure that I can give you my full attention I’m very careful as to how many weddings I will take on, so  I will only photograph a limited number of weddings in a year.  While most of those are weekends, there is also availability during the week so I offer lower rates for weekday weddings between Mondays and Thursdays. If this is you go here

I get a lot of enquiries, some of whom are my people, and some who are price shopping. That’s OK – I get that. I can’t compete with a photographer who is undercutting me to get your booking, so if that’s what you’re looking for there are plenty of cheap photographers out there who will happily take your money.

However, if you value experience, a kind heart, unwavering passion, and true professionalism without the bulls**t, and you want to get your wedding photography organised and you want it to be incredible and awesome, then please do get in touch. 

If I’m available to shoot your wedding, I’ll send you a private link and password to our VIP Lounge, where you will be able to check out our comprehensive prices and packages as well as a whole load of other info.

If you want to check my availability and find out more about the process of working with me, please email using the link below. I just need to know who you are, and where and when you’re getting married.


Call Jason on 07738413599  If I’m available I’ll be in touch to let you know what’s next.

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I look forward to hearing from you finding out all about it!

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Call Jason  on 07738 413 599

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