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Jason Leaman at Gate Street Barn

We want to photograph your Gate Street Barn Wedding

Every couple that ties the knot at Gate Street Barn knows. They know that there is magic, and they know that there is intensity, and they know that there is a unique closeness and sparkle. It takes a certain type of vision to pick up on this stuff, and when you know, you know. That’s how we know that we have to be so much more than your wedding photographers. We have to fit in with your people, and commit to a different kind of ride. It’s just a more personal and familial approach that we know, more often than not, Gate Street Barn couples thrive on.

We’re in. We’re on board. It’s all about making connections in big and small ways, but making the right connections. It happens that people who get married and have their big party at Gate Street Barn are usually, perfectly, just the right fit for our kind of approach. We get into the action, we get close to people, and we discover stories. We get the best photographs this way. It can be exhausting, but it works. We’ll push ourselves to make your wedding photographs sing your song. Your style – personalised to you – we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know how to use the venue to it’s full potential. It’s about timings and experience, sure, but it’s also about who you are and what you want, and how much of that we can turn into magic. It turns out, quite a lot.

What can we bring?

Different styles and different people. We pride ourselves on bringing years of photographic experience so that we can adapt to your style – your personality, your unique interactions, and still deliver photography that can surprise you and invoke really authentic emotional reactions. We look for something new in every wedding we do and we don’t know what that’s going to be until we’ve met you. We bring a whole load of good will and intentionally want to make sure that you get the best wedding photography and personalised photographic package at a price that’s not going to kill your budget.

It’s an awesomely big deal!

We do all of this and more, and we don’t charge the earth for it either.

Really? Yes!

Compare our prices over here.

There’s nothing that this venue can’t do and it does it so well. There’s a reason why Gate Street Barn is one of the most sought after Wedding Venues in Surrey – it’s because they’re just better at it than anyone else!

Here are a few of our photos from some of the recent weddings Jason Leaman Photography has been asked to cover at Gate Street Barn. We hope you enjoy them! Please do get in touch to talk about your own wedding photography requirements if you have booked this wonderful venue.

A few thoughts on being a Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer

Gate Street Barn. What can I say? I’m proud to be a Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer. First of all, its one of the most enchanting wedding venues you will find in Surrey, in one of Surrey’s most idyllic settings. Also, it’s an absolute favourite place of mine being expertly run in such a way that, while you’re there, the whole world revolves around you and your wedding. From the large and lavish to the smaller, more intimate events, every wedding I’ve photographed at Gate Street Barn has been a true delight.

Do get yourself down there to look around and I guarantee that you’ll pick up on this feeling in no time.

From a Surrey wedding photographer’s point of view it has everything. Rustic? Check. Stylish? Absolutely. Lots of lovely cows? Definitely!

Time? Everything is close and within reach – it’s easy for me to photograph you and your guests with a variety of diverse backdrops – loads of gorgeous pictures and then you’re back hanging out with your guests before they’ve had the time to realise where they are. As it happens, we are located in Godalming which is just around the corner from Gate Street. It all ‘just works’…

I love it. Can you tell?

The team that run Gate Street Barn are incredible. I’m sure it’s run like a tight ship – everything is smooth and efficient, and as friendly and relaxed as you get. It’s always somehow a really great balance of both an intense and a smooth atmosphere. I notice it every time. They just know weddings. They know how much care a wedding needs, and they know that your wedding has its own natural course, and it all works beautifully.

I’ve photographed weddings there in the rain, and it shines. I’ve been there in the blazing Summer Sun and it’s soaked in class.

A bit about the Venue…


Gate Street Barn is a venue for all seasons set in the beautiful Surrey Hills amongst bluebell woods on a working farm with a herd of old fashioned English Longhorn cattle in the field.

It’s colourful, evergreen gardens make an ideal setting for a stunning spring/summer reception and its atmospheric lighting and wood burning stoves enhance the cosy and warm ambience for an autumn/winter event.

Gate Street Barn near Bramley, 5 miles south of Guildford and only 30 minutes from the M25, is built in the traditional style using wood from oak trees lost on the farm in the 1987 hurricane. It is a private and exclusive venue with years of experience and ideal facilities for Wedding Receptions, Civil Marriages and other celebrations such as Anniversary Lunches, Birthday Parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

It has a capacity for up to 132 seated guests and can accommodate 180 for an evening reception or less formal occasion.

What makes Gate Street Barn real value for money?

  • Exclusive use
  • No additional venue cost for Civil Marriages
  • Choice of excellent Caterers to suit all tastes and budgets
  • Tables and lovely oak chairs included
  • Bridal Room with private bathroom and driveway
  • Ample all-weather free parking
  • Licensed paying bar available to hire
  • On site accommodation for up to 28 people
  • No music turn-down policy
  • And, best of all, NO CORKAGE or chilling charge.


Copy courtesy of Gate Street Barn Brochure 2020. With thanks.

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for you Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Jason Leaman Photography has been photographing there for over 10 years, and we are extremely local being based in Godalming, Surrey. This is a beautiful part of the world, offering countless local places to do your pre wedding Together Shoot to get you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera before the main event.

Please get in touch via our contact or prices pages and tell us all about your plans. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gate Street Barn

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