Loseley Park Best Wedding Photographer Surrey

Loseley Park’s Local High-End Wedding Photographer

I love my job. I’m proud that I have become what feels like one of the busiest Wedding Photographers in Surrey, and Loseley Park has played no small part in that success.

I’m local to Loseley. In fact, I live a stone’s throw away in Godalming, which practically puts me right on Loseley’s doorstep. It’s a great position to be in and it has meant that I can share a unique knowledge of the venue and grounds to my couples who get married there.

I’ve seen it evolve, and I’ve personally photographed so many weddings there in all kinds of weathers, seasons, and light, that I can say, hand on heart, that I actually know what I’m doing! Photographing Weddings at Loseley Park is a real pleasure for me – it was from the first wedding I shot there.

The thing is, they’re all different.

That’s the secret.

Any wedding that I’ve been a part of at Loseley has been any combination of different locations for ceremonies, different garden walks for a couple’s portrait session, different schedule, backwards forwards, and in between. It’s great because it means that a wedding at Loseley is dynamic enough for my next clients to not feel like they’re having a cookie cutter experience. For a day they get to feel like they own the place and therefore get to own their wedding, without feeling like they’re being hurried or rushed.

It’s a privilege to be known to my clients as “The Loseley Guy”. Loseley have been recommending me to couples for over 10 years now and we keep getting better with each season. They know weddings inside and out, have some of the finest homely yet grand locations, the  most incredible gardens all year round, and some of the absolute best catering in the country. And still find time to be a thoroughly good bunch!

Please contact me for availability and if you need to talk through your Loseley plans here