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Situated in a beautiful part of Hampshire Northbrook Park is an insanely good place to get married! Over years I’ve been invited along as the Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer for some of the most incredible and glamorous weddings, and every single one of them have thrilled and fulfilled in every way.

It’s a beautiful building, or group of buildings, set amongst a private walled garden and orchard. The ceremony room is light and immaculately done. There’s no better place to be when the Sun is streaming in through the huge windows bathing the proceedings in a crisp, clean light. It’s a photographers dream, that room.

Whatever the size of your wedding, you will settle in comfortably at Northbrook Park – it’s especially ideal for slightly bigger parties. 200 people can work really well here with plenty of room to manoeuvre. Indian weddings, Persian, –  the one featured below was a fusion of Nigerian and Northern England guests with a level of ceremony to match.

The gardens at Northbrook Park are stunning. A great place to be and saddled right next to the Orangery for the wedding breakfast and entertainment. There’s loads of amazing places to use as a backdrop for portraits too, with the garden and all around the front of the house up for some really high end editorial style photography. Photographing the guests chilling out in the gardens is just a real pleasure.

It should go without saying that the catering is spot on. Every time. Northbrook Park are probably one of the busiest Wedding Venues in the area, and they know what they’re doing! When I’ve been there, they’ve never missed a beat and always provided a unique experience for their couples. It’s easy to feel like yours is the only wedding in the world when you’re there, even if you know that there was a wedding there yesterday, and there will be one again, maybe tomorrow. I’ve always come away knowing that today was the absolute perfect day for my clients, and in turn, the perfect place for me to be their photographer.

Bands work really well here and DJs always seem to have a thriving dance floor busting moves late into the evening, and when I finally pull away from the party I always somehow know that this is what weddings should always be about.

Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer

Sometimes, all I’ll ever want in the world is to be, every Saturday through the Summer, the Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer…

Well I’ve been wanting to blog this particular wedding for a while now, but I wanted to give Topsy and Jenny a bit of space as Topsy, being the busy star Rugby player that he is, already gets a lot of attention.

I  remember the first time I met Jenny and Topsy, down at the Stag on The River not too far from where I live.  I didn’t know who topsy was at that time, and it of course didn’t matter or make a difference to how I wanted to approach photographing their wedding. I was, however, just simply struck by the lovely coy contentedness these two showed – I really loved the way the came across as SO HAPPY together! They knew exactly what they wanted and their plans were already coming together. Topsy was quiet, calm, but not reserved – Jenny was super lovely, very in control, and very into Topsy. This was going to be perfect.

Fast forward to the wedding. I’d shot a few culturally mixed weddings before so I was already excited to see how this was going to play out. By now I’d figured out who Topsy Ojo actually was (face palm moment!) and I was even more intrigued, especially as there was no ego or barrier to get through, which there could have easily have been.

I started with the girls, getting ready in a secret hideaway somewhere, building the atmosphere, oblivious to the real world. Very pretty things going on in that house, and I knew from then that it was going to be a family filled and emotional day. By the time I’d got down to St Peter & At Paul’s church in Godalming there were already a lot of people arriving. Topsy was there with his groomsmen, proud family and brother boosting everybody up.

Now Topsy is a cool as you get.  These are the guys to watch at a wedding, because you know that when they show their feelings on the surface there’s nothing more real, and on cue when Jenny arrived it was there – the culmination of months of planning and beyond to bring them together for this moment. There would have been more than 200 people at this wedding, but I swear for those moments there were only 2 people in that church.

Back to Northbrook Park in Hampshire. I’ve had the privilege of being the Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer a number of times over the years. I love going back there. Photographically speaking it’s just a beautiful setting – a fantastical backdrop for the most intimate gatherings and private enough for the most Raucous parties, and it has to be said; Northbrook Park really know weddings.

About those 200 people.

Northbrook Park can easily host that many people, and show them a good time. Even so, when half of those people are apparently from a Nigerian heritage, suddenly 200 people can seem like a much more colourful and more full space. In a good way. All the ladies. All the beautifully adorned, traditionally dressed ladies! Just the most fun to be around and full of back chat and giggles. They put me in my place a few times, but not without a wink and then breaking into pure laughter. I love this. I’m totally at my best when I’m bouncing off the people i’m photographing. Topsy’s guy’s were all big and proud, and looking out for their main man, but as soft as butter and puppy dog chivalry when the girls were around.

Jenny’s side could give any of this a run for the money. All super cool and upmarket. Their own class, their own sass. Get these two together and there’s an electricity and joy. A pure and open celebration.

I didn’t know where to look! Though there, out of the corner of my eye, I spot Topsy whispering into Jenny’s ear, and her smile and squeeze back at him. All the ceremony (and the was lots of really fun ceremony) and all of the colourful dress, and all of the dancing, the brotherly love, and the sister strength, all of the metaphor, and the sheer joy, was really another backdrop  to the main game – what I first saw in Jenny & Topsy when we first met was true and still exactly the same – perhaps a simple understanding that they’d met and fallen in love with just the perfect and right person.

JENNY_TOPSY_ 2JENNY_TOPSY_ 15JENNY_TOPSY_ 22JENNY_TOPSY_ 25JENNY_TOPSY_ 27JENNY_TOPSY_ 42JENNY_TOPSY_ 51JENNY_TOPSY_ 63JENNY_TOPSY_ 74JENNY_TOPSY_ 82JENNY_TOPSY_ 85JENNY_TOPSY_ 87Northbrook Park Wedding PhotographerJENNY_TOPSY_ 97JENNY_TOPSY_ 106JENNY_TOPSY_ 112JENNY_TOPSY_ 143JENNY_TOPSY_ 146JENNY_TOPSY_ 152JENNY_TOPSY_ 166JENNY_TOPSY_ 167JENNY_TOPSY_ 174JENNY_TOPSY_ 177JENNY_TOPSY_ 181JENNY_TOPSY_ 187JENNY_TOPSY_ 194JENNY_TOPSY_ 207JENNY_TOPSY_ 211Northbrook Park Wedding PhotographerJENNY_TOPSY_ 226JENNY_TOPSY_ 241JENNY_TOPSY_ 245JENNY_TOPSY_ 253JENNY_TOPSY_ 276JENNY_TOPSY_ 284JENNY_TOPSY_ 297JENNY_TOPSY_ 304JENNY_TOPSY_ 313JENNY_TOPSY_ 322JENNY_TOPSY_ 335JENNY_TOPSY_ 342JENNY_TOPSY_ 347JENNY_TOPSY_ 354Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyNorthbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyJENNY_TOPSY_ 372JENNY_TOPSY_ 376JENNY_TOPSY_ 384Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyNorthbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyNorthbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyNorthbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyJENNY_TOPSY_ 416Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyJENNY_TOPSY_ 441JENNY_TOPSY_ 452JENNY_TOPSY_ 465JENNY_TOPSY_ 487JENNY_TOPSY_ 494JENNY_TOPSY_ 505JENNY_TOPSY_ 513JENNY_TOPSY_ 514JENNY_TOPSY_ 536JENNY_TOPSY_ 537JENNY_TOPSY_ 552JENNY_TOPSY_ 561JENNY_TOPSY_ 564JENNY_TOPSY_ 597JENNY_TOPSY_ 605JENNY_TOPSY_ 606JENNY_TOPSY_ 615JENNY_TOPSY_ 632JENNY_TOPSY_ 641JENNY_TOPSY_ 644JENNY_TOPSY_ 646Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman PhotographyJENNY_TOPSY_ 677JENNY_TOPSY_ 717JENNY_TOPSY_ 734JENNY_TOPSY_ 754JENNY_TOPSY_ 762JENNY_TOPSY_ 766JENNY_TOPSY_ 767JENNY_TOPSY_ 772JENNY_TOPSY_ 783JENNY_TOPSY_ 784JENNY_TOPSY_ 786JENNY_TOPSY_ 796JENNY_TOPSY_ 797JENNY_TOPSY_ 803JENNY_TOPSY_ 805JENNY_TOPSY_ 807JENNY_TOPSY_ 822JENNY_TOPSY_ 824JENNY_TOPSY_ 826JENNY_TOPSY_ 834JENNY_TOPSY_ 835JENNY_TOPSY_ 841JENNY_TOPSY_ 842JENNY_TOPSY_ 844JENNY_TOPSY_ 854JENNY_TOPSY_ 864JENNY_TOPSY_ 867JENNY_TOPSY_ 871JENNY_TOPSY_ 901JENNY_TOPSY_ 906JENNY_TOPSY_ 912JENNY_TOPSY_ 917African Wedding PhotographyNigerian Wedding Photographywedding photographer in HampshireNorth brook Park Wedding Photographerwedding at Northbrook ParkJENNY_TOPSY_ 1033Jason Leaman ~ Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning your Wedding in Hampshire or in Surrey, then please do get in touch. I make no bones about wanting to shoot at Northbrook Park more often, so call me and let’s start talking about your wedding!

If you’re looking for your Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer then please do get in touch here, and check out our prices here.

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