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I’m a big fan of taking photographs. I’ll do it at any given opportunity. I love it.

This fact is a small piece in the puzzle when it comes to being a wedding photographer. I mean – I love being a wedding photographer – it’s what I do and it’s my primary goal to be the best wedding photographer I can be, but there are other things I want to do with photography too.

I never assume anything when it comes to photographing weddings. Literally anything can and usually does happen. Sometimes, something that isn’t the usual anything happens, and I don’t know what that’s going to be. I like not knowing. I like being spontaneous, photographically, and I like surprises or the unexpected. People are different and different life stories means an infinite number of anythings…

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot with Jason Leaman Photography

To understand these unfolding stories you have to understand as a photographer that there is a zone, an access point that you have to get to and inhabit. You have to stand back and see what’s in front of you and anticipate what’s going to happen too. It’s a bit of time travel, this anticipation.

For me to get to that time and place is all about starting in the past. Getting to know a couple’s history, from their own angle, gives me access. How they did and why they did it, that kind of thing. The Pre-Wedding Together Shoot does a lot of things:

  • In a time when I’m busy with lots of clients I get to spend some quality time with individual couples without anybody feeling under pressure to be anyone or say anything. We get to talk about the wedding, the weather, how we all grew up, and what makes us all tick (or not).
  • Couples get to see first hand what it feels like to be in front of the camera. It’s surprising how different people are going to react to this situation and in some ways it’s a learning curve figuring out how you feel most yourself or the most natural. This is something that pays dividends when it comes to the actual day.
  • We get a better handle on timings and general logistics, just by talking through the plan and working out who’s who and where they are.
  • I get to see just under the surface and get to find the authentic portrait that is going to mean more to my couples. When the initial awkward ‘giggle bump’ recedes and people remember why they’re there and who they’re with, there is true expression that just can’t be faked. It’s a process to get there, but it’s the real stuff that’s worth it.
  • Time. A two hour shoot now can make for wedding pictures that go up to 11. When we get to the day, I know a little more about you, and hopefully you know what I’m about, so we don’t have to find our rhythm – we’re already dancing.
  • Fun! Just hanging out with people and hearing all about it is the stuff of life for me, and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve got the best job in the world.




The wedding is so much more than one day. If it’s the top floor of your experience as a couple, I’m getting in on the ground floor. As close to the beginning as possible.

The Together shoot is an important part of the process, and something both my clients and I benefit from completely. It’s why I include it in my services as a complimentary part of the booking.

It’s integral so it’s free.

Please get in touch here to find out more.

Thanks, Jx

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