Actually Make Your Wedding Day Better With These 5 Tips

Your wedding day is going to happen. It really is. When you come to the day, the sun is going to rise, the clock will continue moving towards your ceremony and fairly quickly it will feel like the last  dance of the night.

How do you survive your own wedding? Even if you’re not a stressy person, it can hit you three ways from sideways, so what can you do to get through it, be present, and still have fun? You’ve probably read all the tips you can get your hands on so I’ve made these Top 5 Wedding Day Tips a little different.

Sometimes extreme, but maybe essential.


Top 5 Wedding Day Tips

Don’t invite anyone you don’t like. This is probably the hardest thing to do when you know that not inviting an estranged distant relative is going to rock the boat with your close family, but it’s OK. It’s your wedding. Keeping your numbers down will mean that you have the ultimate excuse for not inviting anybody that you want to not invite! Instead of inviting 120 people, I be you can get it down to 80 – it’s still a lot of people and it’s going to be a lot more fun.



Surrey Wedding Photographer Tips

Know how your budget is going to work and save money by not buying unnecessary guff. If you’re getting married and having your reception at the same location, you don’t need a Rolls Royce from the 1930’s to drop you off outside. Nobody’s going to see it, unless of course, you’re asking the driver to hang around so you can have your photograph taken with the car. Favours. For every guest. I always see favours half opened, left on the tables at the end of the night. You’ll spend £400 on something ever-so-awesome that is just going to end up mostly in the caterer’s kitchen. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give favours, but there are better ways to do it without wasting your money. A basket of home made sloe Gin mini bottles for people to help themselves to on their way out will mean that anything left over can come straight back to you in the morning. Same goes for flowers. Ask people to take them home at the end of the night – I guarantee the boys will pick them up on their way out.


Top 5 Wedding Day Tips

Book early. Obviously your venue comes first. The Catering usually comes with the venue, but not always – talk to the venue about preferred caterers and what options you have. You might find that there’s a different caterer who fits your wedding better than the on site option. You never know. Within a month you should have booked your Photographer, your Florist, Your Cake, and an appointment to see your dress. Nearly everything else can wait, apart from maybe the band. Those guys get booked up.

On the Photography front, I can help. It’s been said that your Photographer should come in at roughly 10% of your total budget. So if your wedding is costing £15K, your photographer should be £1500 etc. It’s not an absolute, but it’s a good guide. Do you really want a photo booth? Really? in 2017? They can add a great deal to your costs, and in my experience, while they’re fun at the time with all of the wacky props and so on, the pictures rarely see the light of day after the event. If you’re really set on doing it, ask your photographer if it’s something they can do. Personally I shoot a slightly different version of a photo booth/pop up studio for half the cost.

Having two photographers on site might work for your wedding, so I’ve put together a new associate program to make sure that if that’s what you want, of what you need you can get the most out of two photographers on the day. The way I shoot with a second photographer is a renewed look at how you can get real value without breaking the bank – everything necessary has been stripped away to make sure you get an efficient and powerful mix of professional coverage and a finely tuned artistic balance to enhance your photography. My new Associate Program will change the way you think about your wedding without feeling like you’re compromising on your schedule, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I get booked up in advance, and the photography is something you want to get right. Apart from anything else it really is the one thing you spend your money on that will last a lifetime.


Top 5 Wedding Day Tips

Ask your guests to give you money, then spend it on the best honeymoon experience you can afford. What you don’t spend on flights, spend on food when you’re there. There’s nothing more stress free than a honeymoon, unless it’s just a free honeymoon. Go for 3 weeks minimum, and go straight away. Don’t do the barbecue the day after – don’t do the hung-over second ‘sort-of-recap’ of the day before.

It goes, Wedding, Dancing, Party, Hotel, Taxi, Airport, Thailand. Leave before everyone else, and don’t say goodbye twice.


Top 5 Wedding Day Tips

Don’t drink.

If you’re nervous you will get drunk very quickly, and the booze won’t stop flowing just because you’re already drunk. You can only get more drunk from here.

Now – Don’t get me wrong – I love a drink. I’d love to have a drink with you at your wedding. I love you when you’re drunk – you’re really good fun. Everyone at your wedding is piling in to the wine, and it really is going to be a night to remember….

Or not.

If you can say to yourself that you won’t, and plan to not have any alcohol on your own wedding day, you will thank me for it. I guarantee it.

All the emotions are still there, and everything is running hot. With all of that adrenaline spiking your bloodstream, it’s hard to feel drunk anyway. I’ve seen people drink enough to sink a sailor under the table, and be absolutely normal. Then the lights go out and it all comes at once, and it’s the biggest hangover the next morning.

This one is tough, I know. Don’t drink on your wedding day. Both of you.

Have a cocktail on the plane.

Bonus Tip for the boys..

Top 5 Wedding Day Tips

If you want to take the sophistication levels up a notch, tell your mates you love them, but this one’s all about her. Give them all of yourself and a bit more on your stag do, but man up and do the right thing on your wedding day. Don’t exclude anybody on the day, but be confident in your chivalry. Ham it up a bit if you have to – you shouldn’t have to –  but be there for her and make sure your best man knows when to reign in the jokers. Any roasting can and should be left to the speeches. Hold her hand and whisper into her ear, and don’t worry about how soppy you look.


Let me know if these Top 5 Wedding Day Tips work for you, or if they don’t! Most people don’t like the not drinking one, but between you and me, that’s the most effective one here…

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