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How to make the right choice when choosing your Wedding Photographer

There are now too many wedding photographers – It’s official! But not everyone can be the best surrey wedding photographer for your wedding…

This means that it is becoming easier to find a photographer to shoot your wedding, but it also means “Who out of these 500 people is the right Photographer for me?”


I can help you with that (It’s ME of course!!!)


Actually – it might not be me, but that’s OK. I’m not the right fit for everyone, and you might not be the right client for me. It’s rare, but it does happen. But Then again, I might just be the Best Surrey Wedding Photographer for your needs, so you might want to get in touch!

Here’s a list of the things you need to know when you’re Choosing your Wedding Photographer.

  1. Anyone can take a picture with a reasonably priced camera today, but holding a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter.

There’s nothing here that isn’t obvious. Photography is no longer about simply turning up with an expensive new camera and being in the right location at a specific time.

2.  Photography is not a purchase – it is an investment.

Your Wedding will be behind you before you know it, and you will see the value of your pictures grow. I’ve shot weddings before and received the dreaded call only months down the line telling me that the Bride’s dad has unexpectedly passed away, and the Photos I took of her with her father were suddenly priceless. Beyond value.

Best Surrey Wedding Photographer

3.  Understand your budget and what is realistically available within that.

There are photographers who will charge £500 and there are photographers who will charge £3000. Which one do you think is the better photographer? The answer is neither. Both photographers will photograph your wedding and supply you with what you’ve agreed prior to the event. This is where you need to settle your expectations. You can’t expect to get the same product from the £500 photographer because they can’t achieve the same level of conduct as the higher value guy. They might not have the same level of experience, or they might simply not have the resources to run a modern wedding photography business.

4. Don’t ‘Price Shop’ your favourite photographer.

You’ve found me! You love what I do, you’re head over heals in love with my exclusive albums, and yes! The pre-wedding shoot included in the package is a really great idea, but…. I’m ‘out of your budget’. I get it – I really do, and this is in no way meant to be harsh. Photography is expensive. Shoes are expensive. Feeding people costs an awful lot. A wedding dress isn’t cheap. Generally, getting married isn’t cheap!  I’m not one to push people away and I know other photographers are the same, but please don’t ask your favourite photographer to do what they do for half the price. Ask yourself what you value taking away from your wedding, and what this is worth to you. The £500 guy can’t do what the £3000 guy can and visa-versa.

I know how important budget is to every wedding. That’s why my prices are competitive, and always with an eye on providing value for money. You get a lot of built in and added value in all of my packages – I’ve always wanted to be the guy that gives more yet doesn’t keep coming back for more. You pay what we decide at the beginning and unless you really want to upgrade your albums (and that’s up to you) that’s what you pay in the end.

I also know that the right clients – my right clients – are interested in good quality photography and more importantly they understand the true value of what their photography will mean to them – not just at the time, although the experience on the wedding day itself is a big deal – but in years to come. The photographs really are the enduring and everlasting investment that everyone tells you they are. It’s up to you how you value that, and only you can decide if photography is expensive.

Equally, this doesn’t mean that I should or will over-charge for my services. After years of experience I believe I have hit the sweet spot when it comes to giving you the best value around and staying in business. If you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



5. Go with your heart. (And your head).

It’s what got you here in the first place. Fall in love with the idea that you can have everything you want, done your way. We’ve built up a system and process that allows us to be flexible and generous to you, our clients, always trying to take the experience beyond just me documenting your wedding. It can be more than just pictures. We can collaborate and find something deeper than just turning up. You want something more than just good photography, and you need to find the best Surrey wedding photographer you can to get you there. It takes time, but we tend to evolve with our clients and couples ending up sometimes two or three worlds ahead of where we began. We want you to understand that there is real value in your photography and a genuine desire for us to keep making people happy. Our business isn’t successful because we know how to take pictures, but more because we know why we take pictures.

Best Surrey Wedding Photographer

6. Be Quick

When you’ve found the best surrey wedding photographer to photograph your wedding book them! Securing their services and getting on with life means less stress for you, and it also means that you are supporting your photographer, enabling our business to grow and become more successful, which in turn means that you get an even better chance of even better pictures, and surprises along the way. Everybody wins! The booking process can seem intimidating and this is the reason why Carrie and I have worked hard to get that thing out of the way – we’ve literally built that part of the process alongside the flexibility of our included services and products so that you don’t have to keep coming back to it once you’ve booked. It means we can concentrate together on the most important thing – your photographs on the day.

7. Photographers are just people.

I have an amazing job, and I am excited every day to know that I am successful doing something that I absolutely love. My career is extremely important to me and I work hard to make sure that continues, and I get to work with amazing people and in ridiculous locations, and I’m grateful that I’ve got a handle on it.


My career is not more important than your wedding. For me, great photography is something that I can achieve when everything comes together, and I know where I need to be and technically what I have to do. I’m not going to get to the kind of honest representation of your story if I’m only thinking about the pictures that I need to promote my website. If I did work in that way, your wedding would perhaps appear to be just like any other, and I want you to see your pictures as unique and incredibly personal and relevant to you.

Photography is extremely valuable in all of our lives – I really believe in that. I also believe that when photographing people there’s no room for my ego to get in the way of showing a truth and authenticity that dissolves as soon as you start trying to re-create moments. The trick is to know how to capture the moments when they happen.


If you would like to get in touch to find out how I can help you have the best and most natural experience of your Wedding Photography.


At Jason Leaman Photography I’ve earned the reputation of being The Best Surrey Wedding Photographer you can have the pleasure of working with. Please get in touch to find out more

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