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New Things coming soon, including actual regular updates to this blog, but with a few simple caveats.

  1. New content. From the archives we’ve got literally hundreds of weddings to show. We only haven’t because we’ve been too busy, er, scooting weddings. The blog is always the first to go when it comes to prioritising workflow, so we’ve been looking at ways of changing that. One thing might be to do away with the blog in its current form, at least for “bloggable content”. The problem with blogs from photographers is that they all look the same, and they are always in the same boring format. I’m guilty of this too, don’t get me wrong. Blogs are supposed to be all about you landing  here and then staying here long enough to give me your money. Sorta Kinda. Everyone knows it and that’s why nobody reads through blogs any more.  Our clients are too busy to get into it too.
  2. Finally! The Podcast! Thos of you who know me will know that I’ve been trying to publish a podcast for some time. I even did manage to interview a few people (actually 5) for the original podcast and I did publish them, but soon after rescinded. I just didn’t like them, and one of them was just too sweary, and I was nervous, and lots of things didn’t work. There was actually some content that I’m proud of, but that wasn’t enough to over-rule the feeling that I was searching hing around in the dark and I never found a direction for it. The photographers I spoke to were great,, but as a group it just didn’t gel with me. I pulled them down and then a whole series of life events meant that the podcast just wasn’t important in the grand scheme of anything.
  3. I’m building a studio. It’s going to take  the best part of this summer, at least, and it’s all linked to the podcast and more.
  4. We’re launching some new products this year. One of them hits close to the bullseye of what photography means to us all.
  5. Music. More Music. I’ve been playing musical instruments all my life – I’ve now decided to actually learn properly. Guitar and piano mostly. It’s going well, and I’ll be recording soon, and going live with cover versions etc. I was going to start busking this summer but, alas, no.

There are a few other things that I can’t tell you about yet.


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