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Hello? Is this thing on? Hi. I have some explaini ...
August 2, 2017





Wedding Photographer Jason Leaman

I attend Weddings in Surrey, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset, and all over the UK

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I want you to have the best experience on a day when it’s hard to even catch your breath. I want your photographs to truly represent who you are, together, and with the people you love.

I want to be unobtrusive and discrete.

Technically I can elevate your wedding photographs to a level that really showcases a natural and authentic personality.

Being a part of your life, if only for a short time yet having a huge impact is truly a privilege.



We pride ourselves on getting close to your wedding and immersing ourselves into the day. We’ve got to know how this stuff works by photographing hundreds of weddings, and we bring a sensitivity and a humility to the party to make sure we never take you or your guests for granted. The best photographs are in the eye of this storm – we don’t know where they are yet, but we know how to get to them.

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Years of working with extremely talented bookbinders and designers means that I can be proud to offer a range of books and products that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Elegant & bespoke and creatively flexible ensuring you get an incredible High quality keepsake that will be a fitting part of your life story. I feel strongly that having a beautifully tactile document of your wedding is a crucial element of what I do and I offer the best that the market has to offer and some really great options unavailable from anyone else.