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One of the hardest things I’ve had to bear as a wedding photographer over the last 12 months is having to lose the few bookings that I have done due to availability conflicts - when a couple have had to move their wedding & the only suitable available date their venue have had hasn’t been one I could do, we’ve had to part ways. An unavoidable break in a relationship or working partnership with a couple that leaves me feeling shattered and exhausted by Covid-19, the government let-down, and yes, the whole world collapsing. The wedding industry is on its knees, and these are just a few of the casualties.
As it stands, there’s little I can do but wish my list couples all the best, knowing that somehow it wasn’t meant to be, but also looking forward to a future when we might get back to some kind of normal.

We’re not there yet. I don’t expect a true recovery, at least in my small corner of the wedding world, to come until 2022. Oh, there are plenty of weddings between June 21st and this time next year, but in the mean time I’ve been working on a new offer to help get us there, together.
I know there are couples re-scheduling and losing their photographer, along with the deposit they have already paid, and will be frantically trying to find someone to rescue them, or at least rescue their photography, but without having to spend even more money.
This is where I come in, with my 2021 ‘Rescue Package’ - designed to help you get the wedding photography you want at a discounted price. Even if you have lost your deposit, the Rescue Package is low enough for you to (reluctantly) take the blow. With everything that’s happened , it might be a small enough gesture to get you back on track, a little less stressed than you might have been.

I can only get down to this price for new enquiries, and it’s only for 2021 dates. I wish I could do this for all of my booked weddings, but it’s just not possible - it’s a fairly unsure time we find ourselves living in as it is - I’m just adapting. Trying to make things work. Adding a bit of certainty to that small world I talked about.
It’s my way of standing up for weddings. I’m hoping some of you will join me

If you're having to move your wedding because of Covid, as so many of you have had to, you might be coming a little unstuck with some of your suppliers perhaps not being available for your new date.

We've lost a few dates due to already being booked up, largely with postponed 2020 weddings, and in many ways it's been the hardest year for cancellations, but we simply can't make dates available if they're already booked.

If you've lost your photographer, you might have also lost your deposit, which is hard to swallow. So I'm making all remaining 2021 dates available for £1000 starting now, in February. Your deposit will be £200 with £800 left to pay 4 weeks before your new date.

This applies to all New Enquiries for 2021 dates only, and is subject to availability. Please ask for details.

The Wedding Industry has been hit hard, but we're still here! Our offer will go some way to recovering a great amount of losses over the last year, and we also hope this means that you can still book your photography for your event and still make up the difference when it comes to your deposit. More importantly, it will mean for some of you that your wedding can go ahead positively with confidence that you will have the great photography that you expect.

This idea has come about because we have already taken bookings for dates in July and August. Both couples found that they couldn't re-book their photographer. It's an incredibly fast moving and fluid situation that we have all found ourselves in, so we wanted to adapt in a way that would create a little stability in your plans as well as enabling us to get back to where we belong - photographing weddings!

2021 is going to be our year - I can feel it!

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