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Tasing Park Wedding Photographers in Berkshire

Wasing Park in Berkshire – it’s a glorious place to get married! And it’s a great place to photograph…

I’ve photographed weddings at Wasing Park, but no nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. It’s partly because it’s slightly off my usual tread, and partly because I’ve sometimes been booked for local venues when the enquiries come in.

Recently I had an enquiry for Wasing Park that I was available for, and they sounded dead keen – really super keen, but they decided to go with another photographer because they felt that he or she had worked there before perhaps more than I had.

That’s OK. You can’t win ’em all.

But it reminded me of a chase I’d forgotten about, and it reminded me of this beautiful church and venue.

It also made me think a little about how competitive photographers are in the wedding industry, and how an advantage can also be a disadvantage.





A Place like Home

I’ve been working closely with Loseley Park for over 12 years. I probably know the venue better than any photographer, hands down, but I also know that I’m not the right photographer for every wedding couple who is getting married at Loseley Park, and I don’t want to be the automatic choice either. I’ve been in that situation before, and it just burns you out, which can threaten to make a photographer jaded. That in turn can have an effect on the couples who want the best out of their photographer.

Last year I took a year off (with a few exceptions) from photographing Loseley Park Weddings, simply because I don’t want to get into safe mode – ever. When I started again this year it was just what I wanted; I’ve found that all of the Loseley Weddings this year have been better than ever – fresh eyes, warm hearts, and hungry to create something new and fresh. Loseley is changing too – have a look at their new Bride’s Room for example – such a simple idea and an addition that will make a great deal of impact on any wedding there going forward.

Take me To Bury Court…

I’ve missed out on shooting at some venues because frankly, I know I’m always at a disadvantage at some specific places, and there are a few venues that I really want to get into and involved in, not least because I love the idea of bringing a fresh palate to weddings – a fresh pair of eyes. Take Bury Court Barn for example: I’ve never photographed a wedding there, and without somebody booking me for their wedding at Bury Court Barn, in favour for Photographer-X who’s been there a million times before, I likely never will.

Wedding Photographer at Cain Manor

Cain Manor is a venue I’ve actually photographed a few times, but I haven’t had any bookings there for a good couple of years. Same with Botley’s Mansion – another Bijou venue. I want to change that – I live around the corner from Cain Manor – I should be there all of the time!

Cain Manor Wedding Photographer

It has also meant that I have found myself in a few different locations and venues, (I’m looking forward to photographing my first Wedding at Millbridge Court next year, and I’ve been to Bartholemew Barn, and Taylors Farm more than a couple of times this year already), and I have a better balance now. It’s really an opportunity to take control and take creating high quality photography to another level, based on excitement, and a passion for a diverse range of storytelling, and that’s what it’s all about.

Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photographer

Being able to say no to what on the face of it looks like an opportunitiy has meant that I’ve been saying yes to new ventures, and next year is looking great for bookings, and we’ve got some completely new adventures and ideas brewing in the background and getting ready to launch.

More on that later.

In the mean time, there are a couple of eggs I don’t seem to be able to crack, so I need your help.

£200 off your Wedding Photography

For a limited time, and obviously based on availability, We’re offering £200 off our Zen Plus package for all confirmed weddings at Wasing Park, Bury Court Barn, and Cain Manor.. Our Zen Plus Package is already pretty low, so if you want to take advantage of this, now’s a pretty good time.

We’re going to look at this as it comes in, but I think we’ll probably run the offer up until Christmas, or something like that.

The offer is only valid for these 3 venues, so if you’re planning your wedding for next year then please do get in touch to check availability.



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