What Is Your Style?

This is the question we get asked the most often. A lot of wedding photographers will try to have you believe that their style of photography perfectly matches you. Because you are a reportage kind of person, or a documentary kind of person.

They're just buzz words. They don't mean anything.

We have the experience to be able to adapt to what your wedding is going to be according to what you want and expect, and what makes you tick.
A lot of the time the Style of photography is going to be determined by the venue, and the people you've invited, as well as who you are as a couple.
Are you loud? Laid back? What kinds of pictures best describe this?

I tend to observe and react, and like a good scout, I do my homework and always come prepared. My pictures are natural and un-pretentious - I like to get out of the way and let your authentic story shine through.

It's an impossible thing to sell to you right now, so we don't try to. All we can show you is other people's weddings, or at least some of our favourite creative pictures from some of the weddings that we've loved being a part of, but it's such a subjective thing, and it's just a small percentage of what we actually do.

I think it's nearly impossible to put yourself in other people's shoes and imagine that anything you see is going to be anything like you. Sounds strange, I know, but I've got no way of showing you how amazing your wedding photographs are going to be!

If somebody is telling you that it's only their style that will produce the ultimate testament to your wedding, run!

You don't have to book your photography with us -  We know that. We work hard to make sure that you will always be happy with your decision. Hopefully you can see something in the pictures that you can see being a good fit for you. We're all about being relaxed and fun on the day without getting in the way of your schedule or ever taking over. We try to make the prices the least consuming aspect of what we do, though we do get where people are coming from when it comes to budgets.

We have a deep connection to the psychology in photography and being able to capture a true essence of people in portraiture is what really drives us. 

If You're So Good, Why Are You Not Charging Double?

I know - you get what you pay for, right? Expensive = luxury. High End. Premium. The real deal. Or is it just a trick...

Don't believe the hype.

We used to be a lot more expensive than we are today, and we would only shoot 25 or 30 weddings in a year but we figured that we want to shoot more weddings, and get in front of more people, and live that life.

Charging 4, 5 hundred pounds more is all very well, and believe me, it's nice to get paid that much money, but we decided that we don't have to over charge for our services to be able to live a successful life. It's not about undercutting the competition. It's not about being desperate for bookings. It's about doing more and feeling good about that. We like being busy, and diverse in our work. We love weddings - we want to do more, not less!

We figured that restricting our number of bookings meant that we weren't firing on all cylinders somehow, so we brought our prices right down and started opening up our availability.

We haven't cut any corners. We haven't compromised on the quality of your photography and services, and we just think that what we do feels right.

One thing we've learned though, is that some people are still suspicious - of our low prices! If we're 'cheap' then there must be something wrong. It can't be a premium product. We can't win!

No such thing as a free lunch... What's the catch? So where are the hidden charges? There aren't any. It's just that there are only so many hours in a day...

Our couples are genuinely happy, and they didn't pay more for their wedding photography package than the price we advertise. And that's who we work for. We're not interested in what other people charge, we're just driven by what it's worth.

It's up to you, in the end, but know this: It's not a trap - we're just happy to do the best job we can with the extensive creative experience we have garnered over 15 years as professional photographers and provide real value.

That's it.

Where are You? Do You Travel?

I cover a large area and have been all over the UK, especially in the South and I want to particularly work throughout the south west - get in touch if this is you.

Yes I do - I'm based in Godalming, Surrey, which is just south of Guildford, and now split my time between Godalming and Norwich. These days I see what I do as less local only and more UK wide. I'm still essentially a Surrey Wedding Photographer, and I get a lot of work in the neighbouring counties too. Hampshire, Sussex and London are all regular haunts. I'm pretty much nationwide now  with a high concentration of weddings coming from Surrey, Hampshire, and the South. I have a car and I can drive pretty much anywhere people can drive!

I don't charge for travel up to 50 miles from where I'm based, and then any further than that is just a small fee for extra time and expenses. When I have to travel further still I may need to stay over the night before, so hotel expenses might be the thing.

How Do We Book You?

Something that we're very proud of here is how easy we've made it to get your wedding photography booked and sorted, leaving you to get on with everything else without having to worry about it.

Once you've made your enquiry we'll send you through to our VIP Page where you can access and digest all of our packages and prices at your own pace. We want you to feel like you've found what you're looking for without the feeling of being sold to.

We should mention that we do get a lot of interest for some dates, especially Fridays and Saturdays through the Summer of course. We try to make it fair by running a live booking system so if you don't want to miss out you can jump to the front of the queue via the VIP Area and book your date that way.

We also get a lot of enquiries from couples we never hear from again!

It baffles the mind to be sure, but it's impossible for us to chase everyone down AND leave people alone at the same time. If you are serious about getting the best photography for your money, then please do be ready to talk and chat things through. Of course we want you to book, but we're here to help too, and talking and being available to talk is the best way to move your enquiry forward to get you to where you're going.

We know that you'll be enquiring with other photographers - it would be ridiculous to pretend otherwise - and we know that a lot of photographers will say whatever it takes to put the pressure on. You will be told that two photographers is essential, or that our style isn't fun enough/rad enough/ the right fit, or old fashioned, or too modern, or whatever it is to put the heeby jeebies into you.

That's OK. All we ask is that you resist the pressure, and come back to us when you're done.

Jason should have at least two meetings with clients before the wedding. It's part of it, and a great way to cover some ground, talk about the details, and get to the style of photography you're after, as well as putting a face to a name, too.
A retainer of £195 secures the date and once you're confirmed with a signed contract we're all yours.

Why Jason Leaman Photography? My friend’s just bought a camera and she said she’d do it for a few quid and a bit of cake!

This is my favourite!  Anyone with a good camera can now be a Wedding Photographer? There's always lots of discussion about this especially now we live in a digital age where cameras and computers are getting better by the day. All the clichés are true - Your wedding can't be repeated, and you can't go back and do it all again. The photographs are truly the one way of keeping your memories for years to come, and very often the only thing (apart from your new spouse, of course) that you'll get to take home after the show.

There are no second chances. I keep myself very busy because time and time again I get the results that discerning couples expect, and deserve. I will shoot your wedding personally.

My Wedding Photography is regularly featured on some of the UK's top wedding blogs showcasing real weddings in all their glory. I've been published in National Newspapers and magazines and shortlisted for industry awards, but with a business, and three children I rarely get the time to enter competitions - I'd love to win something but I'm just focussed on my clients. They always come first, at least before my ego.

I work very hard to make sure that the best possible photographs are captured for you to treasure and keep for years to come. Everything is covered, every sequence rendered with technical skill, backed up with over ten years of experience photographing weddings. Technically it's a very demanding environment to photograph in, and it's not a time to chance it and hope for the best. An eye for detail, the immediate environment, the story, and timing all come together while the technical adjustments needed to adapt to any given lighting and physical conditions is a natural ability that doesn't get in the way.

I'm very proud of my work, and the way I interact with you and your guests on the day. I'll shoot with the latest digital cameras as well as some vintage film cameras too. The finish is important to me and I'm well known for my comprehensive service and beautiful albums. I'm into living life to the full, and enjoying the journey. I'm also up for breaking some rules, doing it my way, and creating something new and exciting. I've got more projects and world changing ideas ready to go than I'd dare look at.

People talk about passion a lot, but I tend to veer off into obsession!

How Many Pictures Do We Get?

You get everything that is good, and that turns out to be regularly over 700 pictures.

All high resolution, all ready for you to print from and share. They are your Pictures

How Long Do You Stay?

Our Zen Package is unlimited, which basically means that we don't charge for an 8 hour day and then ask you for more money when the clock turns around.

Usually after the first dance and a few songs in might be a natural time to leave, once I know I've got everything I need and I can get out of your way, but I'm not watching the clock, and I'm not leaving until it's the right time to do so!

Why Shouldn't I book a 'Cheaper' Photographer? Your confidence makes you seem pretty sure of yourself...

Because I'm Better than them, silly!

If you think that makes me sound a bit sure of myself, please - don't get me wrong. I am sure of myself - I have to be, but it's not unfounded confidence, and it's not arrogance by a long way. I'm genuinely moved by the stories that I get to tell, which is a strange thing to some. I've had friends say to me that they think I'm dressing this thing up just to get business - their perception of what I do might be perhaps assuming that it's just someone getting married - they won't be the first and they won't be the last, and so on. As long as I get paid, what do I care, right?
The Thing is I'm proud of what I do, and it's a great life, but sometimes in the face of this, and fierce competition from other photographers, the hardest thing to do is to consciously turn your back on cynicism, but that's what I have to do. Just sometimes - just once, it would be easier to just go along with devaluing what I value, and going into it with a money making brain instead.
It's harder to get bookings these days simply because of an over saturation of photographers who will only compete on price. It's a race to the bottom and the people who really suffer are the couples trying to book a professional service. 
Our prices are dead on. We don't feel that to stay successful in business that we have to over-charge for our services. A lot of other photographers don't like this, because it screws with their inflated pricing. Photographers block me on social media and all sorts, all the time, but this just proves to me that we're doing something right. We're not here to please other photographers, or toe the line. We're here to please you, do a great job, and keep getting bookings, staying in business.


I used to avoid telling people that I'm passionate about what I do, because I think it's an easy thing to say. When I hear people say it I wonder if they're passionate about getting the booking at whatever cost or if they're actually lost in someone else's dream.
I know both of those stories, inside and out, and do you know what? A balance somewhere in between the two might be necessary for survival, and being honest enough to say that might be a way forward.
If professional wedding photographers are going to survive and thrive, they have to walk that line. It's hard to get that balance right sometimes, and nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes.
The hard thing is not to come across as arrogant. Someone's perception of what I'm saying? That's something I can't control when another 12 suppliers are asking for their silver and gold...
But I've always been confident about what I know I can do. I know I can do good work, and I know why I want to do it, and I know why there is value in that.
I also have to trust that the people who book me know these things too. At some point I have to reach out to them and get my message to them. If I genuinely believe that my photography and the experience of having me at their wedding will in some way enhance their story, then I have to be able to tell them that this stuff is good. Because it is. I've seen it and I've seen people react to it in a positive way.
So that's why I sound sure-footed. I have a history of things working out. I know what great photography means to people at the right time.
.....And I know that honesty and trust is the best place to start, elusive as those virtues might seem.

I know that price comes first for some. I can't compete with the half price photographer, but as it stands my prices are mature and established as some of the best value wedding photography packages in the industry. You might be surprised. Packages start from £895 for winter weddings and we even have mid-week registry office packages from £250 - You really need to get in touch to find out more!

Help!!! our photographer’s pulled out of our wedding – it’s in two weeks!! are you available? Please?!

Give me a call! Right now. There is sometimes late availability and I'll always try to do something with the price to accommodate.

Basically, if your wedding is within 6 weeks from now and we are available, we can usually fit you in. And you'll be knocked over by our last minute prices!

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Do You Offer Engagement Sessions?

Yes! It's something that nearly all of our couples ask about and it really gives us lift off when it comes to the day itself.

We call the pre-wedding shoot our Together Sessions - and they're a great way to get to feel comfortable in front of the camera and generally a good way to break the ice and get to know each other.

They really work, and totally recommended.

Because I'm, a wedding photographer the Together Sessions are usually going to be Weekdays only.

Can We Have Two Photographers?

Do you need two photographers?

I've shot over 500 weddings without the need for a second photographer, saving my couples the expense and getting exactly the kind of photographs they wanted.

Having two photographers will have a different kind of impact on the wedding. Two photographers suddenly becomes a transaction and a plan, whereas working on my own doesn't disturb your day and feels much more personal. There are fewer compromises with a single photographer and it makes a massive difference.

When I've photographed a wedding with 200 guests, I've hired a second photographer in purely to cover the afternoon of photographing that many people, but it's a necessary approach that is driven by logistics and budgets as much as anything else.

Do You Shoot Video?

No Thank You!

Jack of all trades, master of none?

I've dedicated my career to getting good at photography, and I'm still learning all the time. There's no way that a person can do both video and stills at the same time, even if the cameras can switch between the two, and I wouldn't want to be in a situation where I'm missing the photographs that you'll love, because you've paid through the nose for me to do a bit of video on the side.

Videographers that do a bit of photography, and visa-versa? It's been happening for years, usually when people diversify their 'business' to get out of a hole.

Hire a specialist if you want video.

Do You Print Albums

Our Albums are the mnost incredible, hand made, luxury product that you will find, and we've got some great options for you.

We want everybody to have an album if you can stretch to it, so we've put together some really special products and prices to make it all more accessible.

Have a look at our Albums page and get in touch for more info.

Are You Insured?

I'm a recommended photographer for some of Surrey's absolute best Wedding Venues, including Loseley Park in Guildford, Ramster Hall in West Sussex, and a couple of other venues I'd rather keep a secret - some in Hampshire, some in Dorset, and some further afield!

I couldn't exist as a professional photographer without all of the correct Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances.

I also make sure that I insure the safety of your images with an elaborate backup routine with on site, off site, and cloud backups of everything.

Do You Do Formal Group Shots?

Yep. Totally.

It's a wedding - Formal shots are part of the deal.

There are ways to do formal group shots properly, and that's where I come in.

It's all about knowing what you're doing, and not being too cool to take a few pictures that you are going to want to have.

I'll talk you through it. Don't worry about it.
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