We're here to tell your story.

This is ours...

Hi! If you've made it here, I commend you! There's a lot to read, and honestly, this is the hardest page to write without coming across as perhaps a little odd.

Telling you all About Us and trying to let you know how absolutely amazing we are - infallible, indestructible, better than all of the other wedding photographers out there - So you will book us over all of your other choices? It's exhausting, probably more for you than us, but still!

Yes - we're confident about what we do, and we want you to know that we'll put everything into it. We know our product is good, and our skillset is diverse. We have the experience and the right tools and philosophies for the job, sure. But we also pride ourselves on not being arrogant or cocky. We're just the same as everybody else. We're the same as you. We're really good at some things and we're really private about our private life. We make the same mistakes as you, but we work hard to make sure that our work and business are watertight.

Some of our peers don't like our honest approach to pricing for example, but we work for you, not them. We believe in making connections, and community over competition. Genuine collaborations have enabled us to grow and sustain our wedding photography business for over 15 years.

We don't intend to stop now. We're just getting started.