A winter Wedding at Ramster Hall

If you’re going to get through the cold of the winter months and have a Wedding in the middle of the Christmas break there’s really only one place to do that…

Ramster Hall in Surrey is the place.


Camilla & Nick finally flew in from South Africa about a week before Christmas, so we had time to catch up and get into the detail the day before xmas eve. We’d already met, of course, when they were last in the country a few months prior to this when we had our Pre-wedding session at Wisley Gardens, so all that was left to do was dot the i’s and make sure last minute changes were all out in the open.

It’s exciting for me to enjoy Christmas with my kids and this year was particularly supernova good – they’re just at such a good age for all of the magic, and I really get into it too.  yes, finally it appears my Scrooge days are behind me!

It’s a great time of the year to get married, and it’s fun to be asked along as the photographer. A few days after Christmas and everyone is still in full on party mode, but with a kind of full, contented edge.

All of my gear and batteries were set up before the day, so all I really had to do was load up the car and get myself into gear. It actually took me a minute to ‘warm up’ before I arrived at Camilla’s parent’s house, but soon got under way and into my comfort zone.

And there we were. Camilla & Nick flying around the world and flying into their own fantasy wedding, and me feeling like I totally belong in this party, completely comfortable and in my natural environment.

I’ve got to say that seeing Ramster Hall and all of their staff firing on all cylinders really made this wedding hit the spot. There are fewer teams than you might think that can really make an event run at that time of the year without seeming like they’d rather be somewhere else – a huge shout out to Jacaranda Catering who did an amazing job. While I’m at it it was also fantastic to see and hear Rollercoaster seriously ripping the party to some awesome level. There are bands that can play, and then there are bands that can slay.

Brilliant party, brilliant people, and some lovely photographs to capture a flighty, impassioned, love story that will stay with me for quite some time to come.

Thanks C&N




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