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Wedding Photogrqapher at Farnham Castle ion Surrey

Ginnie & Leigh

A showcase wedding at the incredible Farnham Castle in Surrey

This wedding has everything! A rollercoaster ride of emotions & giggles, and uber stylish all the way. The sun came out for this February wedding too, proving that winter weddings can be just about as awesome as it gets. It’s a long one, this, because we got loads of great pictures, so if you missed it in The Times, here it is in all it’s Glory – Ginnie & Leigh’s incredible winter warmer…


Farnham Castle Wedding Photographer – Ginnie + Leigh’s Winter smasher

Farnham Castle is an unbelievably grand adventure – but you already knew that, right?

Ahead of a new dedcvated gallery for this venue and also as a way of rubbing my ego slightly after this wedding being featured in The Saturday Times last weekend, I present Ginnie & Leigh’s actually sun-drenched February wedding from earlier this year.

I’d photographed Ginnie’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, which was all about the giggles, and Ginnie was of course a bridesmaid for Alice who returned the dutiful favour.

So I knew what I was getting myself into, at least in some small part. Basically I knew we were in for a ride, but as far as I could see the timings looked a bit tight, and with the possibility of winter weather, and winter light drawing in and cutting me off at the knees, a bit of planning, along with a whole load of winging it were the order of the day.

I needn’t have worried about the weather – it was really probably the best sunny February day I can remember, so that was one thing I didn’t have to navigate. Farnham Castle is actually quite an expansive venue, but everything is within easy reach, which was really awesome for my timings when it came to photographing Ginnie and Leigh together as people were finding their seats. It’s a great time to do these shots, BTW, as usually the sun is a little lower at this end of the reception, and the light can be gorgeous, but also because it means that the couple can mingle and interact with their guests just a little more, which can make all the difference.

And yes, we did get some low sun and I’m really pleased with the pictures from this session.

It helped that Ginnie’s dress was completely incredible (supplied by the most amazing Miss Bush Bridal in Ripley) and you should look out for Leigh’s shoes, too. Well turned out, these two.

There’s nothing I didn’t love about this wedding. Fun all the way through, and hugely big on emotion – especially during the speeches, and we got some of my favourite photography and portraits to start off my wedding year – what’s not to like?

I’m thinkingI don’t photograph enough weddings at Farnham Castle, too. I mean – I’ve been there a few times, but I’m gearing up to be there a LOT more if I can help it.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning your wedding here. I’m in. I’ll give you 10% off – whatever it takes!


Photographer : Jason Leaman Photography shot exclusively on Fujifilm cameras

Venue – Farnham Castle Weddings

Dress – Jesus Peiro at Miss Bush



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