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So. It’s a Gate Street Barn Wedding and…..Oh my gosh!

I mean it.

This wedding, for a long time for me, was always going to be an early highlight of 2016. There was no way I was going to miss out on being a part of Helen and James’ wedding at Gate Street Barn in Surrey.

The beginning was a while ago.

I used to run a fashion studio in London in a past life. It was (and still is!) a great studio in west London serving the fashion industry, celebrity bits and bobs, the occasional film production and so on. I enjoyed the job, but it wasn’t my business and I never really loved working for someone else. I think of the job fondly now, but at the time I remember feeling under pressure and stressed and trapped – completely at odds with what I thought was having my hands tied. Anyway, the team were great and altogether battle hardened, which was really cool, but my breakout space was Helen.

At the time Helen was a producer [at one of the studio’s big clients] and would harass me for studio time, and then for props and set builds and so on. We would talk a lot, but most of the time it was a lot of nonsense, with the occasional moaning of the ridiculous. I can’t say too much because I’m frankly protecting the unaware, but suffice to say, Helen became my port of call when I wanted a distraction from the day to day crap. We called it work, but it was really not work.

Eventually we both left, taking our own paths into better times, but we’ve obviously remained friends, and continued on with the ridiculous. I finally got to meeting James a few years ago, I guess a little while before these two got it together, engagement-wise. I liked him straight away, but always wondered if he knew what he was getting himself into…

Of course, it figures that he works out to be a bad as she is, so they are what’s categorised as ‘The Perfect Couple’. Yay!

So Helen tells me the best news and the Wedding’s on, and to be held at Gate Street Barn. Two of my favourite people, doing my favourite thing, at one of my absolute favourite venues. I’m in!

And Gate Street Barn is awesome. Rain or shine I knew it was going to kick ass in every way.

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I knew it was going to be a fun wedding – that was built in from the get-go. What I didn’t realise was how drop dead gorgeous they were both going to be (though I had my suspicions) or how incredibly emotional the day was going to be. This was largely put down to the great people they surround themselves with and just the simple truth that their big story of being together was so open and real.

From the start of the day, the atmosphere was building. Helen was just beaming and effortlessly beautiful, with her girls actually unable to contain any excitement. Helen looked amazing anyway, but when she put on the dress the whole thing was just perfect. Her dad knew it too – written all over his face when they arrived arm in arm at the Barn.

James’ boys seemed to somehow carry the event. Completely tuned in and an all round good bunch. Supportive and proud of their groom.

There were giggles in the ceremony, and a few tears – you can almost see who if you look closely!

I loved the portrait session we had. We didn’t need long. It was all great fun and a joy to see how together these two are in the pictures. I love these photos – especially the ones of them in the courtyard around the back of the Barn.

I spent the rest of the day photographing and talking to the guests, everyone all the time with one eye on the apparent pool of light following the bride and groom around all day. I met some fantastic people, and had a great time photographing small groups of people, family a friends all in on the party.

It seemed to go by quickly. I learned a few things, especially about James, during the speeches and after the band got everything under way, I talked with some of the guys and sat down with Helen’s mum talking about art and children into the night.

I eventually had to pull myself away and get back to my own family, but for a moment there I recognised how great it was to feel like I was a welcomed part of another.

Thanks Helen and James – I’m so happy for you both and loved being part of your wedding day.

Beer? Cake?



Have you downloaded your Cheat sheet?

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Helen & James. Gate Street Barn, Surrey

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