Being invited along to be the Horsley Towers Wedding Photographer for the day was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

I met Cindy and Adam at least a couple of years before their wedding. They booked me early on and secured their date well in advance which gave us plenty of time to get to know a little about each other before the day. I’m used to getting booked up in advance so jumped in – we just clicked from that first meeting.

They seemed really confident from the outset, and the talk soon got on to family and the people that were important to them. They both have a really solid grounding in their families and the day was designed to be intimate and easy going. Not small, mind – the location was going to be Horsley Towers (or Horsley Park) near Leatherhead in Surrey. I’ve photographed weddings here a number of times and it’s the perfect place for a different style of wedding each time. I’ve been for a walk around the grounds with a bride and groom in the bracing arctic wind, and on the hottest days of the Summer and everything in between. It’s a fairytale castle to look at and set back in a very private spot. The grounds are simply stunning, the architecture is gorgeous and the service is probably some of the best hosting around. A great place to have a party.

Relationships. That’s what this wedding was all about. From the start of the day I really warmed to the way that Cindy and her dad were with each other. He was obviously completely bowled over and proud of her and she had a really nice way of being there for him and her mum too. The girls set the scene in the morning preparations and by the time I got to the boys at Horsley the emotions were already flying high.

With some people it’s just easy to see how and why they should be together. Cindy and Adam are that. I noticed it when we had our pre-wedding together shoot a few months before. They didn’t have to try in front of the camera, and they didn’t need to ‘play up’ in front of me either. They just fit together, had a laugh and were just locked in to their thing. It’s a real pleasure being a photographer when that happens, and even though I get to that point with most couples, these two just somehow made it all look easy. Natural.

The location had it for me. We killed it inside the building, outside on the grounds. The Dancing later on was a real blast.

Easy going, this wedding.

Well thought out, well planned, to the letter, but easy going.


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If you’re getting married at Horsley Towers, then please get in touch – there’s loads I can help you with.

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