Kew Gardens Wedding Photography – Manisha and Naz and their Indian Wedding

Kew gardens Wedding Photographer Jason Leaman Photography

Colourful? Check.

Glamour? Check.

Location? Check it out.

Style? Check.

More colour? Check.

Emotional high flying gorgeous couple? Yep.

Manisha and Naz’s wedding was always going to be a good looking affair. I knew this from very early on.

We were quick to get past the ‘booking your photographer’ bit and took a straight line to the ‘having fun planning your wedding’ bit, and right from the start I could feel the excitement building up. I remember being really up for this, partly because at the time I hadn’t shot more than a handful of Indian weddings – A few mixed religion weddings, and a couple of smaller parties, so I was really raring to go when Manisha started filling me in on the details.

During their together shoot they were both relaxed and intensely focussed at the same time. I already knew that the wedding day itself was going to be something else.

It was held at Kew Gardens, and the initial ceremony was to be held in one of the glass houses that, it turned out, had been designed by Naz’s father years ago! This kind of blew my mind, a bit and although it was downplayed it really made sense and felt incredibly significant as these two were enjoying their ceremony.

It was also a very bright day! Lots of colourful and sunny pictures and a real fusion of traditional dress with some Jimmy Choos thrown in for good measure!

I was really made to feel like a part of the family (and in fact I’m photographing someone from this wedding in a couple of weeks) and invited to make myself at home.

Unbelievable hospitality, and some amazing locations for photography throughout the day, but my biggest memories from the day, even amongst the chaos of ceremony, and party and celebration, was the serenity and simplicity of Manisha and Naz enjoying each other’s company and finding the time to have a real giggle at any given opportunity.

The Orangery held the party into the evening with some powerful and generous speeches marking the day as one of the most inviting and enjoyable weddings of the summer.

Thanks Manisha and Naz, and all of your lovely guests. See you at the next one…x

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If you’re getting married at Kew Gardens in 2018 or 2019, then I’d love to hear from you. If you’re getting ready to book your photographer you’ve come to the right place. Please get in touch here.


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