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Helen and Steve are just one of those couples that you can’t forget. I remember our first meeting, the location, at what time, and I even remember what they were wearing at that meeting!

They booked straight away-  it was almost a given it seemed. That sticks in my mind too!

What’s also easy to remember is their wedding day. It rained. It is still remembered as “The Wettest Wedding in History” in my office (although some credit should go to Claire and Chris’ Busbridge Lakes Wedding last summer for really turning on the taps too!).

The Tithe Barn in Hampshire is such an awesome venue. It’s monumental, but homely at the same time. The thing about it I love (and really appreciated on this particular wedding) is it’s sheer size. There’s plenty of room to have your drinks reception in one half of the barn, separated from the dining area for the wedding breakfast, and that’s just what Helen and Steve did. This worked out really well because the constant heavy rain meant that there were never going to be any exterior shots that day. Even if the rain stopped (which it didn’t) it seemed the whole of the south east of England was waterlogged by now.

So we worked with what we had in front of us, which was a warm and cosy barn shut away from the elements. There’s a great mezzanine level which overlooks the whole of the barn, and this was a great place to get a bit of privacy and shoot some really lovely Bride and Groom Portraits.  We also used this space to get some people together for an impromptu group session around the sofa, and I really love the pictures from that session.

It’s one of the reasons I love shooting Winter Weddings, when by any normal logic I shouldn’t. Winter weddings can be dark, rainy, and confined, and stressful for a photographer. Or they can be exciting, candlelit, spontaneous – you sometimes have to make things up on the fly.

I looked around and realised that Helen and Steve were so far from stressed about the weather at their wedding, and can honestly say that it just wasn’t even discussed as a problem to solve. That’s the main thing I’ve learned about these uncontrollable elements of any wedding. People seem to worry a lot about what might happen if their wedding is ‘rained off’ and perhaps spend their time in the run up to the wedding crossing their fingers hoping for the opposite.

But of all the weddings I’ve been to where it has rained all day, it’s not once been a problem. It’s never ruined the day, and if anything it’s become an integral part of the whole story. Dare I say it’s made the wedding on occasion…

For me, and I think for them too, Helen and Steve’s was a fantastic, emotional, and exhilarating wedding, that happened to be hidden away from the deluge of rain lashing around the heals of their lovely venue.

We did pop out for a quick portrait, just after the first dance. It was nice, but the three of us decided that the pictures didn’t necessarily make sense, and besides, the real fun was inside the barn, on the dance floor and at the bar.

Here are just a few from this lovely wedding.

If you’re getting married at any time of the year you need to get in touch with us to find out more and you can do that here.

Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer

We also run our Winter weddings Prices from January into March  – so rain or shine you can get the best photography for an amazing price. Check out the prices pages and there are occasional offers posted on the blog too. What you really need to do is get in touch if you want to make sure your date is available, especially if it’s last minute.

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